Cultural influences from both East and West have left their mark on Hungary's capital,从奥地利匈牙利帝国的大咖啡馆到被忽视的前苏联英雄雕像。Stuart Wadsworthdelves into Budapest.

Centre of Europe,哈布斯堡帝国的老太太,“发明者” 炖牛肉共产主义' and,more recently,中欧/东欧的主要周末度假目的地之一:布达佩斯是一个需要你关注的城市。A heady mixture of 维也纳的优雅and coffee-house culture and Berlin's rough-edged,拱度,布达佩斯有一个巨大的打击,让你在探索的选择中摇摆不定,从它开始 world-famous baths一直到 kerts,semi-legal drinking dens set up in ruined courtyards,and much loved by local imbibers.

Budapest city break
The inner sanctum of Hungarian law-making

The Hungarian capital is really two cities – Buda and Pest – separated by the wide tract of theDanube,and only officially became one entity towards the end of the 19th century.Hilly Buda – calm and serene,城堡、渔人堡等建筑典雅,looks down onto flat Pest,哪里有生意,commerce,culture and a thriving nightlife scene co-exist,along with a slightly seedy sex trade,giving the city a remarkable multi-faceted nature;it really does seem to have something to offer everyone from history and culture buffs and fans of architecture to beer-guzzling hedonists and all-night ravers.

Best of the Beaten Track

The first thing to do on arrival in Budapest should be a stroll along the Pest-side of the river,with its views up to Buda,桥与Parliament Building.The latter,世纪之交的巨大哥特式建筑,dominates the skyline and impresses from virtually every angle.A tour is short but informative,and allows you into the inner sanctum of Hungarian law-making.大楼有691个房间,but you see just a few – the Lower House (where the National assembly meets) being the most impressive.如果你不喜欢排队,买一个skip the line ticket via Get Your Guide.

Other notable buildings on the Pest side of the river includeSt.Stephen's Basilica,a massive neo-renaissance edifice,and theGreat Synagogue,the largest of its kind in Europe and second-largest in the world.For a bit of background on the country's complex history,a visit to theHungarian National Museumis in order.The museum (founded 1802) contains over one million objects of art and is housed in a handsome neo-classical building constructed in 1846.Although it could be a bit more interactive and lacks information in English,the sheer number of exhibits impresses.

Budapest city guide
The Little Princess with Buda Castle behind

Cross the Danube via theChain Bridge (Szechenyi)and head up to Citadella viaGellert Bathhouse– another impressive 19th century construction – for the best views of Budapest.Check out the little盖勒特山洞church on the way,里面有一个地下教堂。布达城堡and the渔人堡,a little further north,should both be seen – the latter particularly at night,when the orange lighting give the place a shimmering hue and offer excellent photographic opportunities.During summer you can stroll back down the hill and escape the heat and noise onMargaret Island,situated in the middle of the Danube,where you can relax in one of the many shady parks and have a beer atHoldudvar.

For a great布达城堡区之旅,look no further than Urban manbetx篮球Adventures.Whilst Get Your Guide have an广泛的旅游名单,活动和日游to choose from,从引导步行到河流巡游。

Hipster's Guide

For a more off-beat experience in Budapest,前往郊区(从Kosztolanyi Deak Ter乘150路公共汽车)到Memento Park– a unique totalitarian theme park,which houses monuments and statues of communist icons like Lenin,Stalin,Marx and Engels,along with Hungarian leaders of the era likeBela KunandEndre Sagvari.参观的好时机是黄昏,when the statues cast a slightly forlorn,eerie shadow.以共产主义为主题,你应该去看看Terror Museum;a building which,for several decades,was the most dreaded of locations – the HQ of the political police.

Surreal tribute to the Good Old Days

If you want to explore more of Buda than just the castle,head up into the hills via theCog Railway,上坡14公里,before changing trains onto a narrow-gaugeChildren's Railway.A living reminder of Communism's wacky side,this is a railway run entirely by kids,including station masters and ticket inspectors!Take a chair-lift from the highest point on the route – Janos-Hegy (527m) for a bird's-eye view of the hills.

If you still have time to spare,head to theDanube Bend在森特德的每个城镇,Esztergom or Visegrad offer a change of scene from the capital – the latter is home to a mighty castle looking down from a hill to the Danube.从布达佩斯北部的UJPEST坐公车一小时就到了。or else opt for an organised tour which provides transport.这次旅行评价很高包括在维塞格拉德吃三道菜的午餐,在夏季,您可以通过河流巡游返回城市。

Another great excursion is the wine-making town ofEger.You can either take布达佩斯的一日游,or,if you fancy staying longer,check outour weekend guide.

为了获得更多的嘻哈乐趣,请查看我们的Top Five Budapest Design Spotsand discover"made in Hungary"sneakers,眼镜架和环保时尚。And don't forget to call by ourSecret Seven list of unusual things to do in the capital.

Experience & Events

If you come to Budapest and fail to visit one of its manybath houses,不好意思(点击链接展示我们的特别扩展前五名!).Hands-down the best baths in Budapest areSzechenyi,in the east side of Pest near the zoo.With 15 different pools to lounge around in,ranging from freezing to steaming hot,它不仅是首都最大的浴室,but also one of the largest in Europe.看棋手们在热水中浸在脖子上,admire the neo-baroque architecture or make new friends – this is one of the most sociable baths you'll ever visit.Have a wash and scrub-down,桑拿,游泳,sauna or even go to the gym.Your 16 Euro or so entry fee is a bargain for a day of luxury,and you'll leave feeling wonderfully relaxed.Reserve your spot witha skip the line ticket.

Weekend break in Budapest

Come nightfall,if you're not fed up of being wet,返回“spa-rty"in Szechenyi baths every Saturday night in summer,or at Lukacs baths during the colder months.At €50 or so euro a ticket it ain't cheap,但是一晚上的电子音乐和变戏法,空中杂技演员和肚皮舞演员被穿着泳衣的美女包围,这不是你每天都能得到的体验,and it has rapidly been gaining fame (and notoriety) across Europe.Upcoming parties listed

Budapest's biggest and best party is of course the音乐节,which takes place on Obuda Island each August and brings a mix of the world's best acts in dance,pop,rock,folk and metal together for a week of music and mayhem – checkour review of the festival here.You can camp (provided you don't need sleep) or book a hostel/hotel (way in advance).对于那些没有整个舍邦耐力的年老乌鸦来说,白天的票是可以买到的。

另一个好时机是六月Essentials Festivalis in full swing,and you can combine a city break with concerts and special events around town.Checkour review for more info.

Probably by now you've already noticed the Escape Games phenomenon that has swept over Europe… butdid you know it started in Budapest?And there are plenty of rooms to try out…

Pillow Talk

Cheapskates will be pleased to know that the hostel scene in Budapest is very competitive and,as a result,the quality is usually very good.Casa Del Musicais close to most of the nightlife,with a friendly vibe,very colourful decor and super-helpful staff.Nearby isBubble Hostel– smaller,科西尔and with a great party vibe.Young owner Olga herself is an enfant terrible of the local nightlife.For something a little bit quieter,head to the top of the hill in Buda whereCitadella Hotellies – it actually doubles as a hotel and hostel.Meanwhile if you've got a bit more disposable income at your erm,disposal,那么你可能更喜欢盖勒特酒店(其中有相同名称的浴缸)or the luxuries of the five starHotel Kempinski Corvinusto hostels.有关更多选项,您可以比较all Budapest's hotels on

For something more local (and affordable!),try searching寄宿家庭search engine of hosted rooms and apartments.Readers of Urban 万博体育官网网址manbetx体育官网网址Travel Blog get a 5% discount whenever they book viaone of our links!!

Budapest 万博体育官网网址travel tips

Fork Out

Budapest's dining options are endless,with many places offering great lunchtime deals,such asRing其顶级汉堡——鳄梨和对虾,Gorgonzola是最令人垂涎的。For great Hungarian food in rustic surrounds,tryFatal;菜单很丰富,你可以在这里品尝美味的炖牛肉和其他匈牙利主食,比如辣鱼汤。A slightly more downmarket place which is nevertheless excellent is Brody café (Brody Sandor u.),near Muzeum – complete with posters ofFerenc Puskason the wall,这是匈牙利式的。Try the hearty bean soup or stuffed pancake filled with veal – soup and main course with a beer will set you back less than ten euros.Asian restaurants are in rich supply,but for an eaterie that combines Oriental and Magyar influences head toParasz Presszo.If you fancy some Hungarian spicy soup followed by a Thai curry,this is the place to go.

Those who fancy a guided introduction to Hungarian gastronomy will enjoythis tour by Urban manbetx篮球Adventureswhich takes you to Central Market Hall (with cured meats tasting),一家屡获殊荣的巧克力工厂,a Jewish restaurant and a classic Hungarian restaurant for goulash soup and strudels.

Drop In

The phenomenon of ‘rubble' or ‘ruin' bars in Budapest (known in Hungarian askerts)正开始在欧洲和全世界声名鹊起。Derelict buildings which have been artistically transformed by decorating them with old junk such as bathtubs,bicycles and household items,they are wonderfully atmospheric and interesting places to hang out.Easily the most well-known of these isSzimpla: massive and with hundreds of nooks and crannies to explore,it has a great summer garden and cinema screen for regular viewings,and displays local artists' work.To read more aboutBudapest's eccentric garden bars点击这里,as the Editor reveals some of the new generation of ruin pubs shaking up the scene,like Fogashaz and Doboz.科茨-撇开,Pince是品尝匈牙利传统葡萄酒的好地方,music and dance,虽然也许最好的去处是捐精瞬间– cavernous,friendly,with a great mix of people and general party vibe,it seems to be the default place to go for most people with a taste in music.更精致,转到红狮茶馆– dreamy and relaxing – or Sirius Tea House – an Alice-In-Wonderland place with incredibly imaginative design such as ropes,ladders,bean-bags and wardrobes that lead to other rooms.Wonderful.

Budapest nightlife bars and restaurants
After the baths try the bars

When the weather is warmer be sure to check outthe city's best rooftop venues,正如城市旅游博客所报道的。manbetx体育官网网址万博体育官网网址For a pub crawl that takes you to several of the hottest spots in townclick here.

Getting There & Around

不可能是更加容易。Budapest is in the centre of Europe,and has great communications with most cities in Europe,和世界。The Hungarian budget airline Wizzair flies to and from over 20 euro-destinations,包括London,,RomeandMadrid,whilst flight search engines can help you compare prices on all the major airlines flying into the capital.Train connections are excellent – there are three main train stations with services to and from the likes ofKrakow,Bratislava andBelgrade– and buses are also frequent,running at all times of day to numerous destinations.The new bus company Orangeways links Budapest to many major European cities also,以极具竞争力的价格。

More Juice

For more info the excellent City Spy map series should be your first stop –– it shows plenty of cool bars,cafes,restaurants and other places of布达佩斯Funzine的网站-一个双周刊杂志和网站,是另一个很好的信息来源。A bit more official is the Tourist office site –

Hard Copy

像往常一样,Lonely Planet's Budapest guide is reliable and informative,尤其是在预算选择上,and the Rough Guide also has a city guide for here.Rick Steve does a guide to the city also,popular with American backpackers.For some not so light reading,pick upGeza Csath's 魔术师的花园和其他故事–以魔幻现实主义风格写的令人不安的故事。The author was tormented by opium addiction,finally killing his wife and then himself in 1918.Dezso Kosztolanyi'sSkylarkis a tragic story (Hungarians specialise in tragedy) of an old couple and their beloved child by one of Hungary's most famous scribes.Imre Mora'sBudapest Then and Nowreveals portraits of the city,past and present.

Silver Screen

Budapest has featured in countless international films,尽管经常伪装成别的地方——通常是莫斯科,但以埃维塔为例,它甚至被称为布宜诺斯艾利斯。It has also starred as itself in我间谍欧文·威尔逊和Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyandAn American Rhapsodywith Scarlett Johansson.想看一部伟大的匈牙利电影,请看Bizalom (Confidence).

Soundtrack to the City

Parno Graszt – Ratyake Phiro
Quimby – Most Mulik Pantosan
Kiscillag – Kockacukor
besh o drom–amikor en kissrac电压
Rezso Seress – Gloomy Sunday (aka The Hungarian Suicide Song)

City Map

ViewBudapest City Guidein a larger map


为我们所有的布达佩斯故事和提示click here.The Hungarian capital is also recommended as one ofour favourite budget destinations in Europe

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