以对软毒品和卖淫的容忍著称,阿姆斯特丹享乐主义的一面常常使它的家庭魅力黯然失色,cultural treasures and ‘normal' nightlife.李察图卢克看看整张照片…

迷失在运河迷宫中。Window-shop where live merchandise is lit with red neon,或者躲到一个烟雾弥漫的小“咖啡厅”,出售其他地方没有的东西。If you think you're a bit above all that,visit great art museums… and of course take your chances with the traffic and trams on a bike.

那些不喜欢(或几乎不记得)去阿姆斯特丹旅行的人说,周末在破旧的红灯区酒店吸毒成瘾,与英国橄榄球队分享赛季后的酒宴。喜欢它的人在安静的街道上骑车,在绿树成荫的运河边的咖啡馆露台上吃饭,在公园里野餐,heard great jazz and marvelled at the most beautiful paintings in the world.

The ubiquitous boats and bikes

First-timers are surprised to learn Amsterdam is so small.The world famous capital has less than 800,000名居民和一个紧凑的城市中心,你可以在几个小时内骑自行车,使它几乎是城市休息的完美尺寸。

Amsterdam looks casual,but it is very organised.如果你还没有掌握荷兰语,don't worry.你遇到的每个人都会说英语(可能还会说法语,德语和意大利语)比你好,and will remind you of this while casually organising you – ‘Plis moof to de middel off de trem!',“这是你在听的自行车道!’

Best of the Beaten Track

三大“必须看到”是Rijksmuseum(伦勃朗,Vermeer) the梵高博物馆以及Anne Frank House.Queues can be excessively long,particularly during mid-morning and at holiday times,and the savvy 万博体育官网网址travellers would be wise to invest in skip the line tickets where possible (hint: click onRijksmuseumand梵高博物馆to reserve yours via GetYourGuide).And just because they're ‘must sees' doesn't mean you must see them;Amsterdam has plenty more on offer if time is too short to tick all the typical boxes.

Park life in autumn

A伦德瓦特(round trip) in a glass-topped canal boat looks like a clichéd introduction to the city,and it is,but it's also well done and prices start at just 15 euros for a 75 minute cruise.更多选项在这里.

TheWaterlooplein flea-market在很多人的名单上排名靠前,but for me it's now overrated,selling the same imported junk you can find anywhere in the world.这个城市在NoordermarktandAlbert Cuyp街.

The famous and beautifulVondelparkis usually busy,with free concerts in the open air theatre in the summer,一个不错的选择的壁画咖啡馆和总是发生的事情。

Tip: An阿姆斯特丹卡gives you up to three days of free public transport and free entry to most – but not all – museums.It also includes a canal cruise,还有很多折扣。If you're staying longer or plan on walking or cycling rather than using trams and buses,a 60 eurosMuseumkaart(博物馆卡),valid for one year,可能是更好的价值。It gives unlimited entry to most museums in the country and saves you the queuing.


为了能看到最好的便宜午餐,去公共图书馆,close toCentraal Station.图书馆?On holidays?Are you kidding??但这是一个拥有一流建筑的最先进的设施,在他们的电脑或笔记本电脑上免费上网,and up-to-date world newspapers.洛杉矶咖啡厅七楼有一个像样的自助午餐和鸟瞰阳台。

然后从隔壁的Music Conservatorium.古典和爵士乐是他们的特色,lunchtime concerts are free and the students from around the world are prodigiously talented.At night,这个Bimhuisin the nearbyMuziekgebouwis the place to go for jazz.

阿姆斯特丹咖啡馆,bars,restaurants and nightlife
Koffie with appeltaart

TheJordaan地区used to be a crowded slum but is now trendy,with excellent growers' and bric-a-brac markets on the Noordermarkt and林登格拉赫星期六,and a clothing and textile market on the韦斯特拉特every Monday.

Café Winkelon the corner of the Noordermarkt and Westerstraat consistently wins the award for best Dutch ‘appeltaart' (apple cake) in town.在集市上,他们在拐角处排队等候。It's traditionally taken with ‘koffie',a popular Dutch drink which IMHO bears little relation to ‘coffee',而不是真正的意大利咖啡馆。

Best alternative Amsterdam museum – the塔森博物馆(手袋博物馆))不,真正地。If you're not into fashion accessories,有一个愉快的咖啡馆和花园。Take a book;your companion may be some time.

Finally serious hipsters should check out我们关于北阿姆斯特丹复兴区的文章.


Amsterdam's trams are fast,频繁高效,但是如果你有腿和平衡感,,rent a bike.They're cheap (10-15 euros a day) and safe (car-free cycle paths everywhere).Guided bike toursof the city are popular,but you can easily ride on your own.If you've got a free day to ride out into the countryside,只需20分钟就可以到达绿色的田野和风景明信片村庄Waterland,在城市的北部。向自行车租赁处或酒店接待处索取地图。

Amsterdam 万博体育官网网址travel tips
A jam in the ‘Dam

De Parade 万博体育官网网址travelling festivalin August features weird,美妙而短暂的音乐,在老式的露天帐篷中表演戏剧和舞蹈。

为了世界上最好的音乐,这里有Amsterdam Roots Festival六月和八月,加勒比地区的夸克节受到启发。

Beer lovers wise enough to eschew the Heineken experience can opt instead for最初的阿姆斯特丹啤酒之旅,to discover three of the best breweries and bars in town.

If you're curious to find out more about the Red Light District then this needn't (necessarily) involve dropping your trousers.TheProstitute Information Centre or ‘PIC'由前性工作者经营,他们提供a weekly tour of the Red Light zoneon Saturdays at 5pm (click the link to find out what happened when Urban 万博体育官网网址manbetx体育官网网址Travel Blog went!)Otherwise this两小时徒步旅行has great reviews.

Pillow Talk

在阿姆斯特丹的时候,为什么不试试游艇experience?呆在水面上,看着世界从你卧室的窗户前翻过。有些达默斯人就是这样生活的!如果你喜欢运河而不是真正的运河,then theT酒店我们强烈推荐双人间139欧元左右,whilst for something chic and basic,why not opt for the trendy and affordable,更不用说名字得体了,,Chic and Basic Hotel.背包客只需看看时尚共济会.Some 80s Playboy pics in one of the dorms allude to the house's former occupation as Amsterdam's number one brothel,but these days the naughtiest thing that might happen in this well-renovated digs is smoking a joint with fellow 万博体育官网网址travellers in the spacious garden.

过滤2000多家酒店,找到最适合您的酒店,,try Hotelscombined.com.

Fork Out

Traditional Dutch cuisine is stodgy;heavy soups and ‘stampot',胡萝卜和土豆泥,加脂肪香肠块;当你穿着木屐外出的时候,在下着毛毛雨的日子里,吃着完美的舒适食物,把牛扒铲到郁金香上,但这不是五星级餐厅的费用。因为你可能想尝试Lastage,在中央车站附近的Geldersekade上。Amsterdam food guru (and very hard marker) Johannes van Dam gave it 9.5/10.Indonesian food used to be popular,但是苏里南人通过了质量认证,土耳其和摩洛哥机构。Bazar是一个大黄铜色的摩洛哥人,位于多元文化的阿尔伯特库伊普市场的中间,是一个可以品尝荷兰首都多元文化品味的好地方。Amsterdam's ‘eetcafes' (eating cafes) are often better value than restaurants and have an authentic local atmosphere and clientele.Usually there's a limited but classy menu,with vegetarian options.尝试Gent aan de Schinkel阿姆斯特丹咖啡馆.

weekend guide to Amsterdam


Most first time visitors to Amsterdam are inevitably drawn to the plethora of bars and coffeeshops around the Red Light District,这当然是一个错误,因为比起当地人,你更可能发现自己和英国雄鹿派对或美国背包客在一起。像De Pijp和Jordaan这样的区域提供了更真实的氛围,您可以随时从酒友那里获得提示,比如Kingfisher bar(De Pijp)Struik(in Jordaan) on where to continue your pub crawl.去莱德塞普林(莱德赛广场)跳舞,那里有很多大俱乐部糖厂(their Sunday parties aka ‘Wicked Jazz' are legendary),,Melkweg,,ParadisoandJimmy Woocan be found.The latter is the posh hang out of Ajax players and other poseurs and pouters.

阿姆斯特丹夜生活,bars and clubs
Standing pretty in the club

要获得更多的灵感,请阅读以下内容:our Editor去了exploring the Amsterdam nightlife为自己!!

Getting There & Around

Easyjet flies to Amsterdam from伦敦(盖特威克和卢顿),Edinburgh,,Rome,,BarcelonaandGeneva.Book early for the best deals.而对于从美国飞往阿姆斯特丹的航班,比较地点可以提供一些好的选择。从史基浦机场到中央车站的火车大约要20分钟。或者如果你喜欢私人接送,那就联系Book Taxi Amsterdam.The Thalys train from Paris Nord is now 3hrs 18min,比飞机快(门到门)。从其他地方抵达Hollandis extremely easy,and you'll be hard pressed to find a city that's more than 1.5 hour train ride away from the capital.例如,鹿特丹离我们只有40分钟的路程,我们也有很多建议a weekend break in the Netherland's second biggest city.

More Juice

For a general summary of attractions,seewww.amsterdam.info网站.For ‘real people's' restaurant recommendations,see the Facebook page阿姆斯特丹伟大的小地方.For some fun food and fashion tips check out funky lifestyle blog,,Your Little Black Book.


阿姆斯特丹城市精选(Oxygen Books Ltd.2010) has entertaining snippets of writing (mostly translations from Dutch writers) and gives a good feel of the place in all its aspects.Amsterdam: The Brief Life of a Cityby Geert Mak – the definitive work by the city's best-known historian.


Oceans 12is hardly the thinking man's choice of cinema,那么退房怎么样Amsterdamned,,The Girl With The Pearl Earring或者是优秀的Black Book,由保罗·维霍文执导,卡里斯·范霍顿主演(又名《疯狂》。红女人女祭司王权游戏!)

Soundtrack to the City

Jacques Brel – Dans le port d'Amsterdam
Peter,Bjorn and John – Amsterdam
Joni Mitchell – Carey
Tante Leen & Johnny Jordaan – Potpourri
Wim Sonneveld–Aan de Amsterdam Grachten(阿姆斯特丹运河)

City Map

视图Amsterdam City Guidein a larger map


很自然地,荷兰首都列出了欧洲最佳LGBT休息时间,and you'll find some specific tips for gay 万博体育官网网址travellers in that article.为了更全面的阅读,你可以找到Amsterdam stories here.最后是来自地方警察if you intend on overdoing it.

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